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Imperial College Podcast

Nov 23, 2022

In this edition: What flu and COVID-19 might do this winter, being an engineer, and how the UK can improve energy efficiency to fight fuel poverty.

News: Exoplanet atmosphere and impact on Mars – We find out about new molecules discovered in an exoplanet’s atmosphere and the recording of a huge meteoroid impact on Mars.

Winter virus warnings – What does this winter hold for COVID-19, flu, and other seasonal viruses? Professor Azeem Majeed gives us a low-down of the current situation and what we might expect as temperatures lower.

Feeling like a scientist: the engineer – When does a scientist first start to feel like one? We continue our series exploring the careers of some of our scientists with Ji Young Yoon, a mechanical workshop technician in the Faculty of Engineering.

Improving homes to tackle the energy crisis – Fuel poverty is on the rise, but retrofitting homes can help. Dr Kate Simpson tells us how, and what needs to be done to improve UK energy efficiency.